Electronic Data Interchange

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Future of EDI

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Where is EDI going? It is possible that there might be a day when a business will refuse to serve others because they don’t participate in EDI. EDI is becoming a crucial part of everyday business activities. Trading partners are offering discounts to their customers if they convert to EDI. EDI is so convenient that it saves both participants money.

The question of whether to use a VAN or the Internet depends on several factors. The VAN provides more security that the Internet. On the other hand, the Internet is cheaper and faster. Some VAN providers charge for each file that is stored in the VAN and sometimes for the length that it remains there. The combination of both might be ideal in the future.

EDI will continue to improve in the future. API mapping will be simpler, and all the pieces including the database, gateway, and translator will all be included in one package. This will lead to a complete seamless integration to EDI.

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